The workshops shown below can be booked for quilt guilds and artists' groups by contacting Julia directly.  Julia travels to your location.  The number of participants depends both on the workshop particulars and the space provided by the group.  See Contacts and Pricing page for more information.
Shibori for Dyers - 1 day (this class is designed for facilities without dye/water capacity and teaches the techniques only –the samples need to dyed later)
Traditional Japanese shibori (tie dye) can yield wonderful results for quilters.  This workshop is designed for those who are already using immersion or vat dying methods who want to introduce a unique oriental flare to their dyed patterns. Participants will produce many ready to dye shibori bundles that can be dyed later using what ever immersion dye they are familiar with. (The instructor prefers Procion Fiber reactive dyes but Rit will work) The use of dyes will be discussed but not demonstrated during class.
A supply list will be provided for participants and there is a fee for fabrics supplied.

Japanese Tie-Dye Workshop  -one or two day (for facilities with water/dye capacity)
This workshop teaches the fundamentals of fabric pattern dyeing using an updated version of the ancient Japanese tradition of Shibori (tie-dye).  We will be using fiber reactive dyes and participants will produce several samples and finished products. This high-energy workshop yields great immediate results.  Completed fabrics are suitable for quilting, home decorating, and use in one-of-a-kind wearables. 
Lab fee: $20 includes dyes, two silk scarves, and 2 yards cotton fabric.  Other scarves and fabric are available for purchase.

Low-Tech Printing and Improvisational Design    1 to 3 day workshop (This workshop requires washable table tops and access to hot water and a sinks.
This hands on, fast paced workshop offers a free approach to fabric design using stencils, found objects and simple tools.  This is a workshop for those who enjoy experimentation and working with the unpredictable, or those who feel they would benefit from a new mode of design. Using Procion MX dyes on cotton participants will learn several low-tech and improvisational approaches to fabric printing. Participants will move through a series of exercises to immerse themselves in the printing techniques and then move to developing a few overall printed and painted pieces of fabric.  To further embrace the unpredictable we will also be reworking our drop clothes into finished complex images. Some experience with fiber reactive dyes helpful but not necessary
Per person Lab fee for dyes and fabric is dependant on length of workshop. .

Contemporary Mosaic (or Crazy) Piecing 1 or 2 day (3hr - for experienced sewers)
This fast moving fun class explores a spontaneous approach to a traditional quilting favorite with an emphasis on contemporary design.  Participants will learn a new way to piece quilt blocks together and ways to create unique arrangements of blocks. Using rotary cutting and machine piecing they will create pillow tops or start a quilt top. A great way to use up scraps from other projects.  Pieces will not be quilted during the class, but quilting options will be discussed.
A supply list will be provided for participants

Contemporary Applique - 1 or 2 day
Applique means simply the applying of one fabric to another and is highly suited for patterns containing curves and pictorial images.  This workshop offers a variety of different approaches to applique from a traditional hand to a contemporary raveled edge.  Uses of freezer paper and machine applique will be taught. Participants can hone their skills, expand their techniques, or learn a new approach to picture making with fabric.
A supply list will be provided for participants

Foundation Quilting 1 or  2 day  (3hr - for experienced sewers)
In this fast moving workshop you will learn a quick contemporary construction technique guaranteed to expand your quilting abilities.  Foundation quilting yields immediate finished results by combining piecing and quilting.  This workshop is suitable for beginners and experienced quilters alike. Several samples suitable as small wall hangings or pillow tops will be made during class.  Sewing experience is recommended.
A supply list will be provided for participants

Embroidery for Drawing and Pattern Making  - 3 hour, 1 or 2 day workshop
Most of us know how to embroider, but other than red work, how else can you use it to personalize your quilt.  Julia will show you a number of ways she uses embroidery in her own quilts and show step by step ways to make and enhance imagery and pattern in your quilts. Satin, stipple, cross and a unique running stitch are just some of the stitches that will be taught.
          A supply list will be sent to participants.

Drawing with Your Sewing Machine 1 day  (3hr - for experienced sewers)
The simplest piece of fabric can be turned into beautiful and unique art through the addition of quilted lines. This fast-paced workshop introduces the various ways you can use your sewing machine to draw on fabric. Both free motion and conventional quilting methods will be explored. Participants will produce several samples during the class suitable for use as pillow tops. Methods of joining machine quilted blocks will also be demonstrated.
A supply list will be provided for participants

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